Thursday, October 21, 2010

Diary of Yuckiness....Post #4

Aren't ya'll lovin how I keep changing what the name of this Diary is?? Well it reflects the sore....ever changing. I know by this picture it doesn't look any better, it seems to be more red. But I think that's a good thing and if you could see it in person so would you. All the blisters are now gone and the scabs are coming on. By the way how gross is the word scab?? Anyway he's doing good and still his ever ornery self. I praise God everyday that this is all we are dealing with, it could be so much worse. There are tons of families, even many in our small town, that are going or have gone through much scarier!!!

Update on the potty training......what potting training??? He has NOTHING to do with it except to laugh whenever he toots (which by the way Riley NEVER did, this must be a boy thing) or while he is peeing in his diaper!! I know, I know if he's able to laugh about it he's old enough to do it in the potty. I'm going to get serious about it VERY soon!!! We've been slightly preoccupied lately.

And here's just a pretty cute one of the 2 of precious kiddios!!! As you can see in the back we are having some construction done at the moment!!! VERY EXCITING!!! We are FINALLY getting rid of the ugly white shingles....THANK YOU JESUS!!!! Getting some guttering and a new fence, seriously thank you JESUS for that hail storm a couple of weeks ago!!!! I'm taking progress pictures so I'll post those when the job is complete, I know you are all dying to see those!!


Shannon said...

It is looking better. So glad. What a handsome lil man you have :) Congrats on the home renovations too, that's exciting! Hope you guys have a wonderful Fall Break!!!!

Hilary said...

Glad it is finally getting better. Poor little guy!