Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We are CARNEYS!!!

Yes we are that family that hits the carnival EVERYTIME it's in town!!! I have to start saving months in advance so that we are able to go....the price of the carnival is RIDICULOUS!!!! Anyway we always have a great time. Riley loves to ride and Colt loves to eat!!
Riley started off the carnival in her typical freak out mode!!! But that quickly changed a few rides in.
Colt watching trying to decide if he wants in on the Carnival fun.
The mood changing......
He's decided....yea think I want in!!
Gregg enjoying is family time....and Colt pouting cause he's not big enough for this ride ;(
Big enough for this one!!!
Found a friend and all is well in Riley Land!!
He's big enough for the airplane that goes high and not big enough for the train in the above picture.....you figure that one out???!!!
Riley thought it was soooo funny that the "carney" was giving out high fives!!! She didn't miss a single high five!!
After a little persuasion from her friend, Ri got on the hot air balloon ferris wheel!! And she loved it!!
Have I mentioned how much Colt is like my Dad??!! His favorite part of the carnival was........THE CORN DOGS!!!!!
Her pretty much finished that whole thing.....and A FUNNEL CAKE!!!
We ended the night with another trip on the carousel!!
A much happier Riley!!


The Garvie Family said...

I love that she was giving the carney high fives!!

And BTW corndogs gross me out....why do boys like them so much?!?!?

Samantha said...

Carneys have small hands and smell like cabbage...

Love the pics!!!

Shannon said...

Cute pics! Your blog is great!