Monday, May 24, 2010

Riley is FOUR!!

So I'm only a week behind on posting Riley's birthday pictures!! Actually she hasn't had her party yet cause she is determined to have a party at the swim park and of course it doesn't open till Memorial weekend and we've decided not to fight those crowds and have it the week after. So her May 18th birthday will be celebrated on June 4th!!! As a family we still did a little celebrating, I had a dr. appt so we all took the day off from school and work and headed to Enid for a day of eatting and shopping!!!

Birthday money from Grandmommy Moore!!

Her present from us. She's actually getting a new swingset (her and Colt both for their bdays) but we haven't picked that one out yet. Hopefully by her party we will have that!!

For some reason Riley wanted to take pictures on these benches??

It was her day so whatever??!!

Enjoying the rides at the mall.

I'm telling you this boy couldn't be more like his Pop Pop!! Could spend all day in the food court and out before we even got out of the parking lot!!!

More Bday money when she got home!! Thanks Gigi!!

I also want to say Happy Birthday to my youngest sis Lori!!! She's getting older and older, soon she'll be as old as me!!! ;)
We love you!! Hope you had a great day!!!

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