Monday, February 22, 2010

DINNER and THE THEATRE (that was said in my best English accent)

Yesterday we took Riley out for a big girl date....out to eat and then to OKC Civic Center to watch The Wizard of Oz. Last year Gregg took me to see the Lion King and the entire time I felt soooo guilty cause I knew Riley would just love it. So we waited and waited for The Wizard of Oz to come out and I was right, SHE LOVED IT!! She was so good at the show too! If you can remember back to when we took her to the icecapades and she covered her ears and eyes for pretty much the entire show, this time she only covered her ears for about 5 minutes. It's progress people, it's progress!! She loved the munchkins and I could feel her dancing along with many of the songs. The show was about 3 hours long and I was nervous she might fall asleep seeing as how we didn't go till 7:00 and she didn't take a very long nap Sunday afternoon, but she made it all the way through!! She conked out about 2 minutes into the car ride after the show.
Now, it was no where near the production of Lion King but it was still pretty AMAZING!!! In November Shrek will be in OKC and then next February Beauty and The Beast will be coming. I'm soooo excited!!
Here we are eatting out at Texas Roadhouse. She must have eatten a gazillion rolls!!

I know, I know she looks like her DAD!!!

Yes I made her stand out in the cold to get a picture. I had to capture the moment!!
She loved this statue. I was a little disappointed that they had a concession stand RIGHT INFRONT OF IT!!!!! Come on now OKC.....
AAHHH How cute!!
I bought her a program and she had to sit right down and look at it. It was pretty precious!!
See the excitement!!! We can't wait to take her to another one!!!

Here we are snapping a few pics at our seats......a big no no. I got just a few before I got in trouble!!

We had a great time!!! I'm sure she'll be talking about for days!! Thanks Gregg for being an AWESOME Dad and Husband and splurging on us!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Mandy said...

I'm going to have to show this to Chad, he would never go to a Broadway production! I'm totally jealous and want to see it soooo bad!

Leslie said...

That is so sweet. I remember taking Payton to see things like that when she was younger. Enjoy it because it doesn't last forever. And she does look very much like her dad in those pics. =o)

Kristen said...

We went on Tuesday night and had a blast! I didn't take Layne because I thought it would be too long for her, but I am planning on taking her to Beauty and The Beast next year!!

Whitney said...

Looks like so much fun! We took Brant to the Lion King last year and you're right--it was phenomenal! You look so trendy and cute!
Can we PLEASE try and get our families together this summer??