Friday, February 19, 2010

The Trail Run FROM HELL!!!!

Ok so I'm finally getting around to blogging on our trail run, actually I was waiting on my sister to email the pics she took (which she still has not). She said I looked like I was dying as I crossed the finish line......I WAS!!! Anyway it's one more race down and 2 more to go before the OKC Memorial Relay. We had a really nice day for running (if there is such a thing??) the wind died down just long enough for us to finish. I had 2 people in my cheering section (Leia and Cash) thanks for coming guys!! And I got a silver medal and I think Mandy Cheap and I got lost!!! So overall really great day, nothing like a 3.5 trail run only we ran 4 miles!!!! What a great way to spend your 33rd birthday...right Mandy C.???!!! Next time I'm soooo following Mandy G!!!! She got first by the way and Cheap got 3rd.
My running buddies!! Pre Race
Look how energetic we all seem before the race!!!
My cheering section!!

Chad crossing the finish the line. He ran 7 miles and fell twice!!! THis was a true TRAIL run. No pavement did our feet cross only mud puddles, tree roots, rocks, mud, and dirt!!

Post race.....not quite so much energy here!!

Cory and Kara Reid made the run too. Kara is pregnant and finished the race even after a few puking spells!! She's a true champ! So is Cory....he brought home a gold too.
Way to represent WOO-Town!!!!

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Leslie said...

Great pics! Looks much warmer there than here.