Thursday, February 11, 2010

I know, I know it's been forever!! But let me just say it's sooooo much easier to post pictures on Facebook. I love that you can do as many as you like not 5 at a time like here. Anyway not that much has been going with us really. I've kind of been running trying to get ready for a 3.5 trail run this weekend (going to complete blow that) and the Red Bud Classic 10k in April then the ultimate OKC marathon relay, in which I'm part of a team and I can't let them down!!! Starting Monday I'm whipping myself back in shape with the help of some dear friends (Mandy C, Mandy G, Sam, and Tara and where I can see how much everyone else is running and how much I am not running!!) Anyway back to post. I'm throwing in some pictures of the kids playing inside (which we have been doing way too much of lately!!) And maybe a few of a day we actually got to go to the park. And maybe some snow I really have missed a lot of posting!!! Oh one more thing. My little man goes in for his long awaited "Ball Surgery". They will be bring down his left testicle. Shouldn't be that big of a deal the dr. assures me but anytime they put them under is a little scary to me. So keep the prayers going for Colt on Monday (has to have some blood work) and Tuesday morning (he goes under the knife). Here come the pics.........

What?? I didn't feel like cooking!! I kid, I kid.... ;)

Snow Angel!!

Snow Bunny!!

Love this picture so much!!!
We had to make snow ice cream....of course.

Don't know if ya'll caught Miss America but here is our Miss America!!!

Evening Gown

And this is what Colt thought about it......

And more fun in the snow!!!

Hope I didn't bore you too much!!!

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Leslie said...

Beautiful miss america you've got there, quite the showman too!