Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well even though Gregg is not coaching varsity football this year we still have a few nights without him so this evening I decided to take Riley to McDonald's so she could play and for a reward of doing so well with her potty training. I talked Pepper and Kim into coming along as well. Riley got each of us up into the play place with her for a little fun.
Here we are before McDonalds getting our nightly run/walk in. Yes that's right I'm trying to run and it's pretty tough in this old age!!
And I drag Pepper into this funness too.

I was the first to get dragged up into the Play Place.

Ri coming down the slide......then having to go back up to help her mom out.

Then it was Pepper's turn. Heading up to the hanging tunnel.

Stepping in the tunnel....
And coming out of the tunnel. They were both too chicken to go across.
Now for Kimmie.
She did get across the hanging tunnel and even got Riley across.
Colt got into some of the fun too.


Mandy said...

You guys are really good sports to go up in the playplace, I just think that it is way dirty up there! I should probably be joining you on your nightly stroll :)

The Garvie Family said...

I miss those trips to McDonalds. Enjoy them because before you know it you will be ordering them Mighty Kids meals and then supersizing their #2 and the days of them begging to play on the toys is over. They grow up way too fast!!

Tessa said...

Riley and Colt can't wait to go to McDonald's with you, so you can show mw the ropes, love you nana