Saturday, September 13, 2008

The growing days of Colt.

Well some of you have asked for more pictures of Colt so here you go.

Colt at his first Boomer home game. We drag Pepper along for some help and for good company. Too bad Colt couldn't witness a victory from the Boomers. It was another bad day to be a Boomer.

Pooped out.

Sister making him laugh.

Enjoying Saturday football with Dad.

He always has a smile for the camera.
Getting a haircut from sister.
He's ready for his close up now.
Bathtime with Sissy.
Still smiling.

I know this video is not very clear but you can hear my little call talking up a storm.


Leia said...

Loved all the pictures. He's getting so big!! He looked a little scared in the haircutting picture :)

Memories with the McDaniels said...

ohh i could just eat him up!! he so darn cute!!!

Tessa said...

Well now we know Riley's calling she is going to be a hair dresser like her Aunt Rita. Colt changes so much everytime I see him, he is getting so big!