Thursday, September 4, 2008

Throw back to all my Neosho Girls!!!

Well Whit here you go I dug up some pics and how dorky do we look???!! I mean could my eyebrows get any bigger and did you always tuck all of your shirts in?? What in the heck and we thought we were pretty cool.

How young we were!

Nice braided belt Whit!! :) My head looks way too big to be on my body. Can anyone say bobble head??
Heidi Ho!!! You know I didn't forget you.

Now what a crew this was. Good times.

What a handsome fella. A second Dad!! Love Jer and Sher.
We were so sad and alittle tipsy maybe.

AHH.....Stro. How many laughs did she give us and how many times did I have to take off to the bathroom cause I thought I was going to laugh so hard I would pee my pants. Speaking of peeing pants....Whit do you remember on our way out to the run around campus and Michal jumped on Amanda's back and she collapsed and you had to take off and run behind a bush right there in the middle of campus to pee!! Ooohhh the good times!

Now Whit I dont' think you were being nice in this pic. hahahaha!! I love the face!

And your trip to Murray. My time there would of been a heck of a lot better if you would have been there the entire time!!!
I miss ya girl!! One of the best best friends a girl could have.


Whitney said...

OK...why do I have my pink skirt pulled up so high...I look like Urkel! And you're right, what's up with the tucked-in shirts? And that white scrunchie? What am I--twelve? Oh, I laughed out loud at these...THANK YOU!!
You are truly still one of my BFF's...wish we lived closer or at least were able to get together. Maybe soon? I envision meeting halfway with our kiddos and just camping out at a hotel? Or maybe no kiddos?! :) LUV YA!!

Mrs. Tucker said...

Oh girl -- those do bring back some memories! I'm surprised you can even see the pink skirt or any of you for that matter with my hair so flippin' big in that one pic. WOW! What am I talking about, it's still huge. Those were some great pictures and some great days. I'd love to see you sometime soon so if you and whit ever plan a get-together, let me know!