Sunday, August 17, 2008

I know it' s been forever but here I go. This is going to be a major photo overload so just keep scrolling down. I'll try to explain the pics as we go. And the story begins......
These are just some cute pics from the long hospital stay and I had to share them. We start off with Casher and Ri playing, yes they are finally starting to play together. As a matter of fact Cash came and stayed with us one morning while he was in Woodward and Riley just cried and cried after he left, it was very sad.

Precious little Nater. He will always give you a smile.

A very smart Riley.

This one is after we got home. We were watching the Miss. Universe pagent and the evening gown portion was up, Riley got to watching and she decided that she wanted a pretty dress on. So all on her own she ran back to her room and got this shirt out that her Mimi had just got for her, which is just a tad too big, she put it on and began to model for us.

Here she is being Miss Oklahoma. If you can remember she fell on her way down the steps.

Here we are at Cashion's big #1!!
Riley playing with her Uncle Spence.

And the Birthday Boy himself!!!
Cashion Ray

Here's Riley jumping off the diving board. Can you believe this is the same girl that at the beginning of the summer through the biggest fit you have ever seen because she was afraid of the water.

After Cash's birthday Gregg and I decided to take Riley over to the lake for some big girl time. We took her took the travetines over in Sulphur one day well the water was soooo cold that I wouldn't even get in. Riley had nothing to do with swimming but I did get some pictures.

Fishing with Dad.

Aunt Stephanie and Addison came to visit and to meet Colt. Riley and Addison had a great time playing and Addison loved taking care of baby Colt.

Bath time!!!

After bath time.

Here the kids are at Boomer Media Day.
Gregg's not coaching varsity this year but he is coaching the Freshmen. It's so great. He still gets to be involved but he's home a heck of a lot more, it's wonderful.

And finally....this weekend and week we are in Duncan. Since I'm not having to go back and forth to the doctor anymore (I had some complications with my incision for those of you that didn't know) and I'll be headed back to work next week I decided we would come and relax at Mom and Dad's for a couple of days and of course we had to go to the choo choo and yee haws.

Waiting for the train to start up.

Riley waving to all the people as we ride by.

Nana and Ri on the "Yee Haws". Riley yelled that the entire time she was on the carousel..
She wanted to go again so I rode with her this time.
And here's some video of the ride.

And here is Riley and Pop Pop after the fun time at the park just pooped out.
So there you go, updated almost to the day. Hope all is well with everyone and I'll try to stay on top of the blog from now on. I'm still checking everyone's so keep the new pics and stories coming. Talk to you all soon. Lots of love!!!


Leia said...

yeah!!! New pictures. Love "smart" Riley and the close up of her at the lake. Too cute! We'll be at mom dads on tues. Can't waitto see you guys. Give Ri and Colter kisses from aunt lele.

Billie said...

I am so excited to see new pics, of course Blayre had to see all of the ones with Riley (she is getting big fast)!! We had to watch her jump off the diving board a couple of times with hopes that Blayre will learn from her! What a big girl! We miss you guys!!

Tara said...

I am glad to see you all are still alive! I have called many times but never get you. Give everyone big kisses for us!

Sam said...

#1. i laughed watching riley almost take your mom under in the pool, but was v. impressed with her jumping off the board AND that sassy bikini.
#2. i've been to those FREEZING cold waters in sulphur, and i think i got in once. as a kid. which is the tell-all for just how cold it is. even kids won't get in!
#3. your mom is so pretty in those pics at the kiwanis park.
#4. love the update! and love the boomer pics!

The Combs Clan said...

Lacy!! Colt is a cute little bugger! I also love the picture of "smart" Riley. You have an adorable family!

Becky said...

I'm glad you FINALLY blogged :) Really, life does get crazy with two kids, doesn't it? I love all the pictures. I also have a gift for Colt - hope he doesn't out grow it before I get it to him!