Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Colt and the delivery from HELL!!!
Ok so most of you know already that Colt and I are both great. I know, I know I'm a little late on getting some pics up but you know any free minute I get I'm sleeping, doing laundry, cooking or cleaning up some cooking and most of the time trying to get some play time in with Riley. Everyone is sleeping at the moment so I thought I do some posting. Anyway back to the D-day.... I'll try to let you all know what happened. Everything was going great, I wasn't feeling a thing they had gotten Colt out, I even got a chance to see him, Gregg took some pictures and out Gregg and Colt went to recovery to wait on me. Not 3 minutes later I "crashed". I started to get a horrible headache and see spots and by the time I could tell them that I wasn't feeling right I couldn't breath. It was a horrible feeling, my lungs had begun to fill up with fluids and my blood pressure sky rocketed. Finally about 1 hour later they got me somewhat under control and brought me out to recovery and about 2 hours after that I was feeling good, then I got the news that they really didn't know what had happened but it certainly wasn't normal so they would be mediflighting me to OKC to the heart hospital for more test. All those test came back pretty normal they found one thing and I'll have to have it rechecked so that they can keep an eye on it. Anyway I'm doing and feeling great now and Colt is precious except for the fact he doesn't sleep well at night. Here are some pics and I'll try to keep updated a little better. Hope all is well with everyone!!!
Here's my little man just after he entered the world!!
Here's me just minutes before I thought I was leaving it!!!
But as you can see all was well!!! ONE HAPPY FAMILY!
Riley is sooo happy to be a big sister. She has been sooo great with Colt.
Colt and cousin Nate. We only thought Nate was little!!
Just a funny picture.
Getting ready to come home FINALLY!!!!


Mandy said...

Finally, I was beginning to wonder. Also, you really look good in those hospital pics. I don't think I put on make-up for about a week after my children were born.

Memories with the McDaniels said...

beautiful new family! now im ready for some more updated pics please!! give them kisses from their aunt lolo

Leia said...

It's about dang time!!! But I'm gonna need some more updated pics. Love you guys!!!

Leslie said...

What a beautiful family you have!

Becky said...

Good lookin' family! I'm glad everyone is doing well - and he'll be sleeping before you know it.

The Garvie Family said...

I was getting worried about you!! Congratulations on your new addition...he is precious. I hated to hear about your experience, but it is all over now and you can enjoy your beautiful family. Keep those pictures comin!!