Monday, June 2, 2008


Well has most of you saw from Mandy G's blog we went to the World Series this weekend and it was too too fun!! Not only did we get to see a good game but we got to see really good friends!! Riley of course loved Alberta, the gator, and wanted to kn0w "Where go?" anytime she got of her sight. I got to catch up with Sam and the Garvie's and spent some really good time with my long lost best friend Tara!! I miss them all soooo much and wish we could hang out more often. I was sad on Sunday when the Gator's lost a heartbeaker, we were really looking forward to going on Tuesday and cheering them on, we always have next year though!!! I'm sure they will be back! Talk to you all soon!!!

Riley and Aunt Tara on our way in the stadium.
I think Aunt Tara has won her heart!

Coach em up Tim!!!

Alberta the Gator!!!

Me and my baby!!

Good friends are few and far, way to far, between!!!


The Garvie Family said...

It was sooooo good to see you. Good times - good times!!!

Sam said...

Oh, Lacy...thanks so much for coming! I about had a cow when Tara called and said ya'll were on your way. What a blast to see and hang with ya'll...thanks for putting up with Fred, and for all of your support. And Riley is a doll. Just be sure to tell her I can get her an "in" with Alberta, as I have some connections! :-)