Sunday, June 22, 2008

Big and Busy Week/Weekend!!!

Well I think we are officially ready for Colt Greggory to be here!! For you that don't know already he will be delivered July 10th at the Shattuck Hospital and until this week I was soooo not ready. Didn't have Riley or his rooms ready for him to come home. Thankfully I have a wonderful Mom and two very talented sisters!!! THANK GOODNESS FOR THEM!!! Anyway the busy week started Wed. when all the girls and 2 very helpful little boys made their way to Woodward. Leia and Lori wanted to surprise me with Riley's new room so I handed over the paint brushes and put all my trust in them....praying that they could get it finished before they left on Sunday (I know them all too well). Well to my amazement they finished Friday just in time for us to stay up extra late and get up extra early to finish Colt's room before the shower on Saturday at 2:00 (we finished at 1:30!!!) Anyway the rooms turned out even better than I could have imagined. Here are a few pics. I didn't get any pics of the work in progress because they closed the door and wouldn't let me see anything until they were completely finished and then of course I had to jump in and help with Colt's room. So here are the end projects!! LOVE THE ROOMS AND LOVE THE ONES THAT PUT IT ALL TOGETHER!! Oh Mom did all the babysitting while we painted I really think she had the hardest job of all!


Here's Ri after everyone left taking a nap in her big girl bed for the first time. She must really love it cause she slept for 3 1/2 hours.


So not only did we paint and decorate but Leia and Lori also threw me a diaper shower. It was sooo nice and Colt recieved a lot of diapers and wipes and some things that come in very handy with new babies!! Thanks to everyone that made it and thanks so much for all the diapers I'm sure we will use every one of them!!! I didn't get very many pictures I'm not sure what I was doing but I did take some of the kids swimming after everyone had left.... they even did some swimming with everyone here. They had a blast!!

How cute are these diaper cakes that Leia and Lori made for Colt.

The only picture I got of Nate all weekend and you can't even see his precious face. He is such a good baby. He got passed around to everyone at the shower and we never heard a peep from him. What a little lover!!

Thanks again to Mom, Leia and Lori for all their hard work this weekend!!! I really really appreciate you and love you!!!! I'm so lucky to have the family that I do!! Oh and I'm even more excited to hear that Tara will be here for when Colt is born and I found out this weekend that Lana and Alyssa will be here too. I'm so excited that Colt will be surrounded by all the people that will love him most in this world!!! Aunt Stephanie will be the only one that can't be there, she will be on a mission trip in Brazil until the 14th. We are very excited for her and will be keeping her in our prayers. We will miss her love there but I know she will be thinking of us on the 10th. Good luck Steph!!! And can't wait to see the rest of you!!!


Becky said...

The rooms are adorable (I meant to ask Leia how she made those perfect paint circles) I especially love Riley napping in her "nest" of pillows. That's the only way to keep them from falling out of bed and she may manage it anyway!

Mandy said...

Those rooms really are perfect! Counting down the days until July 10th!!

The Kinoti's said...

Wow! Looks like you guys were busy. The rooms look awesome. Take care and can't wait to see pics of Colt when he arrives:)

The Garvie Family said...

Super cute rooms!! You are so lucky to have such wonderful sisters. We will be in Florida on the 10th...but I will be thinking about you!!

Tara said...

Love the rooms!! Can't wait to see you!

Leslie said...

Cute rooms, I'm sure the kids will love them for a long time. And good luck next month, I hope that you get handed a happy healthy baby that sleeps like a rock!

Kara said...

The rooms are too cute! I am a little jealous that you get to be done in two weeks! I have 10 more at least! Good luck!