Monday, June 9, 2008

Well for those of you that know me well you know I'm just not all about the car. I will drive the car till the wheels fall off or it just won't start anymore. Not only that I usually just get the basic of the basic for heaven's sake my last car didn't even have a CD player in it so when I wanted to listen to a CD I had to plug in the old discman, yes that's right they still make those. The grand prix had no tinted windows and no remote door opener and truly I didn't mind driving it, but Gregg had enough. We have a new baby coming, gas prices are, as you all know, are on the rise so room and gas mileage was an issue. We looked around on the computer and had it narrowed down to a few. We headed to OKC to look around and who would of guessed we would of drove a new car home, well if you know Gregg you would have never thought that!!! Anyway here a few pics of our new car and all the extras I got, I feel so spoiled!!!


790 that's how many miles are on the speedometer not how many miles we put on it this weekend!!

Not only do I have a CD will hold 6 CDs. I really don't even think I own 6 CDs.

Yes that's right I can now unlock my doors without being there!! I don't have to stand out in the rain while I find my keys and unlock my door!

Look at all that room, well it's not really that good of pic but I think you'll be really surprised on how much room is in this car!!

And last but not least "THE SUNROOF"!!!! Now for those of you that knew me in high school I kind of had one of these in the black grand am....that is when I would take the glass completely out!!! Tara, Mandy and Mandy I know you remember this, I believe we threw some balloons out of it before!!!
All and all Gregg was pretty calm during the purchase process. Well he did try to get the guy to tint the front windows (my idea) and when the guy said he couldn't do it Gregg asked "How bout one window man?" hahahaha! We did have a small incident on the way home trying to dodge the storms, but we made it in one piece and with no hail damage......Thank God!!!


Leia said...

Well, let me be the first to inroduce you into the 21st Century in terms of cars!!! Congrats!!

Billie said...

I don't know if I have ever known you to drive anything but a Pontiac...this is going to be weird! Just kidding, I LOVE it! You deserve it/need it! And yes, I remember the black grand am too!! ha ha! Good Memories!

The Garvie Family said...

Congratulations!!! Lovin' the sunroof...we will have to take it out and break it in with a few water balloons and then head to Waldrop's. Enjoy the beautiful car...YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Becky said...

Awesome car! And you do deserve it, but I could have gone without knowing anything about a "water balloon incident"?

Mandy said...

There is so much I want to say about the "Black Beauty" and that sunroof, I just can't fit in all in this comment box! I am smelling a little "skunky" right now, I think LOL! Love the new car!

Katie said...

Congrats! You deserve to have a new car. You know I have totally lost interest in cars since I have had kids. Now I just want something with convience more than anything. And that might mean the
"soccer mom" VAN!!

Poppy said...

I am glad you didn't get the hail Sues' car "Avis" ran into! When you called it was hitting it but I couldn't tell because it was raining so hard. I hope I recognize you in it. It looks great even though its' not a FORD.