Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Riley's big Bash!!!

I can't believe it but my baby is two and about to be a big sister!!! My how the time has flown and my how the terrible twos hit right to the day. My bug is quite the precious girl when she wants to be and quite the sassa fras all the other times. Here are some pics of her birthday bash at her Pop Pop and Nana's house. They really worked hard to make it a perfect day and it sure was. Thanks so much to them for all their hard work we love you very much!!!! The only thing missing was Nater Tater, Aunt Lori and Uncle Scott, thankfully we will see them this week!!!

The "Megastation" this is the only way Ri would get in the pool. Yes it's a huge raft that Pop Pop just had to have, good thing he did or Riley would have never seen the water.

Thanks to everyone that could make it, you really made it special!! And a big thank you for all the great gifts!!


Billie said...

the party looks like it was a hit! Maybe Blayre rubbed off on her with the swimming...I hope not! Surely, she will come around and love it again! Are those her golf clubs???

The Garvie Family said...

What a fun time!! Your parent's backyard is amazing!! I still can't believe she is already two.

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday to Riley! Looks like a great party!