Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Riley Ann!!!
The zoo didn't turn out to be as great as we thought. We tried to shove too many activities into one weekend and it just pooped us all out!!! Riley was super tired, I got sick and Gregg was ready to hit the road. Anyway here are some pics from the day and the night before. Here are the kids before we went to the bedlam ball games. Aren't they precious in the Cowboy gear!!

Here we are before we went to the zoo having a great time hiding from Momma in the closet at the hotel.

And finally the zoo.

Love these of the Casher Basher.

Gregg's favorite animal at the zoo.

The kid's favorite part of the zoo was the swings. I pretty sure they would have stayed there all day.

And here is Riley doing her favorite thing.....jumping. She loves to hop, she hops and gallops everywhere.

Last but not least I leave you with this.....Are gas prices out of control or what????!!!!! This is an actual picture that I took myself at Penn and I-44 in OKC. Leia and I laughed till we cried...if you can believe that. But really is this what it's come to!?

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