Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok so I guess I'll start at the carnival . Here we are trying to get her to ride but as you can see she was scared to death!!! I don't know what has happened to my little daredevil but this year we can't get her to ride anything and she is deathly afraid of the water. As you can see by Gregg's face he was pretty fed up as well. I did get her to ride the train after about 15 minutes of her screaming and the slide was a success!! That was it!!! Of course the corndog and carmeled apples were a success, like mother like daughter!!!!

Don't worry about the fat chick..... I'll get up!!!

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Billie said...

I am proud of her for riding the slide...Blayre wouldn't even think about it! That thing is high up, she did great!