Monday, May 20, 2013

Riley turns 7!!!

Well the party has come and gone just about as fast as the 7 years that God has blessed me to be a mom of a fast running, dancing, singing, softball playing, basketball hating, sometimes shy, most of the time sassy, Justin Beiber LOVIN, lookin like her Daddy, not so little anymore girl!!! Yes she's growing first clue......she had B.O.!!!!! What??!!! Probably too much information for the blog world but darn it she is suppose to be my little girl!!! Another growing up warning sign....she asked for a slumber party!!!! Since we have not had a party for her in the last two years due to moving and broken arms we decided to just go for it!! We started out with 3 invitations and before I knew it we were sending out 8!!?? We decided to go with a night owl theme and I got this cute idea from another blog about making owl pillows for the girls as their party favors. Yeah they took some time, but I think they were worth it! They turned out pretty darn cute and I think the girls were pretty excited about them! All the pics I took are from my phone because I, of course, waited till the last minute to get my camera out only to find it dead and I wasn't able to find my charger!!! Ughhhh!! So all I have are phone pics, sorry. :(

I decorated up the garage in hopes that they would spend most of their time out there....maybe even sleep out there.  Didn't happen!  They did spend a lot of inside time out there but it thundered and rained some that night so they wanted to sleep inside.  I was ok with that, I didn't want any of them to be scared. 

Riley requested each of the girls have their own cake.......cake decorating is soooooo NOT FOR ME!!!  Note the paper flags on Riley's slightly larger cake.

We started the evening off with some outside water fun.  Here they are dumping a tub of water on the birthday girl.  We had water balloons, big sponges in a water bucket, a 3 man slip n slide and the sprinkler under the trampoline. 
After playing outside everyone came in and we made mini pizzas. 
After eating I sent them into the garage for some painting.  Each girl painted their own owl picture to take home.


I think all the pictures turned out really cute and the girls LOVED this!!

While they painted I hid the "Owl Eggs".  Each egg had a number inside that corresponded with a bag that had a number on it.  That helped them find their Owl which they adopted and named.

Here they are with their owls. 

After that it was cake and ice cream time.  There was a near catastrophe when I forgot to take the paper flags off the cake (look at the picture above) and they started on FIRE!!  But they burned quickly and were out before we knew it!!  hahaha!

After cake and presents they headed back out to the garage for a movie.  Dad let us borrow his projector so it was like they were at the movies....or so the girls thought anyway!!

Here's just some fun pics from the night.........

Madi gives the party a thumbs up!

And the birthday girl was one of the first to sack out.  I think that is pretty normal for Riley at most slumber parties she goes to.  She's a lot like me......we need our sleep!!

The next morning I got a runway show........


I think everyone had a great time and the only real drama we had was who would play "mom" while playing family!! 

I hope Riley had fun and her 7th birthday will be one she will remember.....I know I will!!!  
Love you to the moon and back Riley Bug!!!

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