Monday, May 13, 2013

Catch UP!!!

I'm behind!!  Oh sooooo behind!!!  We've been pretty busy around here and lots of fun things have happened.  So sit down and stay's going to be a long one!!

First on the list of exciting things that have happened lately.....The Daddy Daughter Dance!!  Yes Gregg went!!!  I know right??!!!  I don't think it was as awful as he was expecting and Riley had a great time dancing with her friends!!  The things a Daddy will do for his little girl!  

Second on the list of fun and excitement....The Kiwanis Track Meet.  This was the first year that Riley would could participate.  The girls could pick 2 running events from the list of 35 yd, 50 yd, 75 yd, or 100 yd dashes.  Riley went with 35 yard dash and 75 yard dash.  We always knew that Ri was pretty fast, and we all know she gets if from her Daddy I take NO responsibility for her speediness!!!  Well turns out she is pretty fast and she won 1st in both her races.

 The 35 yard dash.  
The victory was a little bitter sweet, she had to beat one of her best friends, Blayre Meadows,  to get first.  
 The 75 yard dash. 
 Again bitter sweet.....and again had to run very fast to beat Blayre. 
The track meet was a lot of fun! 
I'm pretty sure all the girls really had a great time and they all did so well!!

This post seems to be ALL ABOUT Riley.....well Colt just doesn't have a lot going on right now.  We decided to take the spring off from soccer after a rough fall season (there were A LOT of tears involved this fall!!!) and he's not old enough for t-ball or track.  So he's just been tagging along and hanging with the little brothers at all the big sister events!!

3rd fun and exciting event......A Mother's Day camp out.
 Dylann was loving her some Colt!
 Pretty girl smile!!
 And this is great!!  The kids were going to head out on the lake for a morning boat ride so Dyl got a new life might be a little snug, but she seems happy enough....
 oops down she goes and she can't get up....she's doing the rocking turtle!!
 And she's almost up........
 Nope she's stuck in SUMO POSITION!!!  hahahaha!!  This happens to me sometimes too!!!
 And a little help from Mom.
 She's up!!!
 And all is good on the boat.....................
 Uhhhhhhhhh nope it's not.........
 Still not good and you see that "real" fisherman in the background??  He was giving the boat of screaming kids the real stink eye!!!
 Can you see the girl in the tree????

 Time for a nature walk..........

 We sure did miss Nate and Nash this weekend  :(

 He's the king of the world!!!
 Dylann showing just how many powdered donuts she can fit in her mouth.
 And we celebrated Riley's birthday since she will be having a slumber party and the fam won't be attending.

 She had to have his face??!!
 On Saturday I ran in the Color me Rad 5k with my girlfriend Katie.  It was a lot of fun!!  I can't wait to do another one!!!

While I was running I just kept thinking how much the kids would love I bought some extra color bombs and we had our own run!!!

 They did LOVE IT!!!  It was a good weekend!!!

Hope you made it to the end!!