Monday, November 28, 2011

Come on our Baby Dilly!!!

Ok Dylann we are ready for you!!! We have taken pictures of you in your Momma's belly, your room is ready, you have lots of fabulous things to wear, and we have had cupcakes in celebrations of you........COME OUT NOW!!!!
The Nanas!!
The Hostesses with the mostesses!! Sorry Mom! hahahaha!!You'll have a few diapers for awhile.I told you we had cupcakes!!!And maybe a few more things!!

Your Greats are ready for you to make an appearance!!! Great Grandma, Great Aunts and Great Cousin!!!

So lets try to get here soon....what do you say???!!!

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Samantha said...

Love this!! Ya'll did a great job hostessing. Now, Leah, have that beebee!!!!