Thursday, November 17, 2011


Man my blogging skills have been horrible lately!! With all the Roughneck Roses orders (I'm not complaining, love that everyone likes our stuff and feel blessed to be making some extra Christmas money) and 1/2 marathon training (again feel blessed that I'm able to run), work, house work (which my husband has really been picking up my slack in a major way) kids, church, oh and Pinterest....I'm finding NO time to do much of anything else. This weekend is Leia's baby shower (oh yea did I mention I've been making things for that as well), Alpha Gamma fundraiser and the half marathon so there goes a few less things to worry about.

Here's just a few pics of the kids to remind you what they look like!!

Riley and I at her Veteran's day program.
And Colt riding a pony at the state fair.I swear I'm going to do better....much better!!!

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Ashley said...

Girl! How do you do it all!?!?