Thursday, June 16, 2011

Z is for......Zipline!!!

Finally getting to my Z and in the end of the vaction. We (well all of us but Gregg that is) had a great time!! It wasn't exactly what we thought but it was soooo fun. We all thought we were signing up for a few nice canopy ziplines where we would casually make our way through and above the trees......HA!! WE SIGNED UP FOR THE BLUE STREAK which consisted of one fast steep zipline and a 100 foot free fall, yes like a bungee jump!!!

Here is Stephanie signing away her life

Walking to our fate.....Gregg was as white as a ghost and literally his legs were shaking like something from a movie!!! He was SCARED!!!
We weren't allowed to take cameras up with us so I only got befores and afters.

We survived!!!!

Notice the sweat on Gregg! hahahaha!

This was right before our free fall and honestly I'm surprised Gregg is smiling at all. He wouldn't talk to anyone and would NOT let go of the railing.

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