Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm STILL exhausted.....

Wow what a weekend we had!!! Company, Red Dirt Challenge, water park, church, and a birthday party.....yep I'm pooped!!! And all the fun started on Wednesday....the kids and I loaded up and headed to Orienta to meet Gigi and Aunt BB for a hand off of Nana and Cash. We rushed home so I could get in some DQ before my weekly softball, in which I didn't get a hit all night...uggggg...I need some hitting lessons, but that's another post!! So with Mom and Cash added to the house that was Gregg's cue to hit the road, and so he headed to Pampa to help Debbie repair the fence at her house. Nana now was able to spoil the kids anyway she felt fit and she started out with a slip n slide.....Cash was taking a nap and when he finally woke up Colt let him know about it!!Saturday morning I had to get up extra early because for some reason I talked my friend Robin into running this Red Dirt Challenge with me!!! UGHHHHH why do I sign up for this crap, which reminds me I never posted about the OKC marathon.....Man my mind is a mess today, focus Lacy focus!! It was hot and I am NOT in good enough shape to be carrying on in this way!!

Now please notice the way that Robyn is "prancing" up to the mud pit.....I strategically waited 10 seconds before the shot gun start to tell her that we had to CRAWL through the pit, she thought we could tip toe through.......No chance!!! I couldn't wait for that cool water!!! I am definitely a cool weather runner!!!We even ended up winning our age bracket!!! Which surprised me cause Robyn ran/rode very well....I on the other hand SUCKED IT UP!!! and I mean big GASPING, THINKING I'M GOING TO THROW UP OR PEE MY PANTS, (which by the way I did have to squat in the bushes about half way through!!) SUCKING IT UP!!!Later that afternoon after I showered, the kids had a nap and Nater Tator arrived we headed out to the Water park for a good ole time!!! I know I have a lot of pictures of Colt and Nate in this section of the post, but I have never laughed so hard!! These two were all over the place...laughing, running, screaming, splashing they had the best time!!!

Cash will NEVER let me take a good picture of him!!! I have to bribe him and obviously that didn't work this time!!!

Riley just finished up 2 weeks of swim lessons and boy what a difference!!

Riley picked out these glasses for all the kids, she thought they were great the boys on the other hand not so much!!

I'm hoping not to duplicate too many pictures here and on Facebook and I have more pictures that cover the birthday party but I don't want anyway to get overwhelmed. So there's part 1 of a wild weekend!!!

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