Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday......

actually a little late on Riley and a little early for Colt, so I guess actually Happy Birthday Party to you!! This year Riley again wanted a swim party so we had to put it off for a couple of weeks. We had to push it so far back we just decided to have Colt's party too!! We had a really great time, the kids invited people that I love to hang out with (well the parents that is). It was WAY TOO HOT, so hot the icing on the cupcakes (that Leia, Lori and I made by the way) started to melt, so hot that the kids wouldn't even play on the playground, so hot I couldn't even eat....oh wait that's not true!!

Just look how red Riley's face is and that's not because she was running and playing none of the kids would play cause it was just soooo darn hot so we had to get right to the presents.....Colt NOT being a good sharer!!The kids were just foaming at the mouth to get in the pool!!! They only had to wait an hour, but that hour seemed like YEARS!!!FINALLY time to cool off!!!!and then time for more eating!!!Notice it's all Allen grandchildren around the picnic table still eating, Colt is on the other side. Hey we know a party is nothing without food!!!Once the party was over we headed back to the house to give the kids their big gift from Nana and PopPop and Gregg and I........

Oh how I wished I had it on video!!! Colt let out this scream for about 10 seconds!!! And Riley ran to the truck!! They haven't got out of the thing since they got it!! We've driven around the block I don't know how many times in the last 2 days and we are sure to have a dirt path through our front yard where Riley drives for hours!!!We of course had our first wreck with in 15 minutes of getting in. She ran right into the basketball post!! As you can see Colt's ice cream broke and got all over him and the car and Nate who was in the back bumped his check....and Riley's driving pride was cut deep!!! The truck was not even scratched and Riley has since learned her lesson to PAY ATTENTION!!!

Well there is our weekend in a blog nutshell!! This weekend we are headed to the Circus in OKC so we are sure to have another busy one!!!

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