Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow what a weekend!!!

We had family, we had recitals, we had baby showers to host....I'm still in a bit of a haze.

I started the weekend off with a HEFTY visit to Walmart, everyone's favorite place (especially in Woodward!!) Then I got busy on shower and food prep for the weekend. Saturday started pretty early had to fold the mountain of laundry that Gregg so kindly washed but didn't fold, finish some food prep, get Riley fed and ready to be a dance superstar by 1:30. Once we finished the recital it was home for some swimming, mazzio pizza, diaper cake making and cheesy potato prep. Finally in bed by 1:00 am and up early to get lunch ready, my car packed with mounds of shower stuff and out the door for me by 12:30 to sit up for the shower......I'm tired rethinking it all.

Do you ever feel that you need a weekend from your weekend??!!

Here is my Tiny Dancer pre game face......And game time ready!!!And on our way to the theatre.....Her adoring fans...Her BFF from way back....All her good luck flowers....And of course Nana just doesn't think it's fair if Bub doesn't get something too...and of course some trampoline jumping in the tutu!!And swimming with the cousins.....

On Sunday I helped host my good friend Katie's 1st baby shower. Carmen Jo is due August 3rd and I just can't wait to meet the little lady.Everything turned out so cute. Katie's sister in law did a great job planning and getting super cute decor. I even got to make a new friend in Ashley. I'm very excited that her and Riley have moved to Woodward. I see lots of fun times with her!!

My family didn't get to come to the recital because Lori graduated from college!!!! Yeah for Lori she even did it with honors!! Super proud of her!! There will be a lot more recitals but only one college graduation!!

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