Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More than just flowers!!

I know they just look like flowers but to me they are soooo much more. All of these flowers are transplants, don't worry I wasn't placed on a donor list and my yard didn't depend on these flowers but I was worried about them rejecting their new host for awhile. But not anymore!!! They are LIVING and now my yard does depend on them each year. What makes these flowers more special than the ones that I spend WAY too much money on every year??? They come from the heart, they come Gigi's and my Great Grandma Pearl's (via Aunt Debbie's) yards. The beautiful Peony, my most favorite flower of all times!! They are so light and airy looking yet so heavy and sturdy. And these came from Gigi's house a couple of years ago. For about 2 years they didn't have a bloom and I worried. Did I plant them in the wrong place? Am I watering too much, not enough? What is the problem?? Last year they (I have 2 plants) had about one flower a piece. This year they have blooms all over!!! They are so pretty and smell sooo good! I just love them and think of Gigi everytime I see them!!
The Violet. This is picture was taken early in the spring but they have such a pretty little purple flower on them while they are blooming and boy do they spread!! They have filled the spot where I planted them and now they are in the grass. Which usually I hate (especially my trumpet vine, ughhhhh) but not with violets, I love them, let them grow everywhere I say!! They are like a good time flower. These were given to me from my Aunt Debbie and they remind me a lot of her. The way they spread is like her love. It seems like my Aunt Debbie's love is never ending. She's like a 2nd Mom to me, I know that I can go to her with anything. She's sturdy and beautiful and ready for a good time just like these violets.

Pholox. Another transplant from Gigi's. I need something to cover some empty space under a tree and boy did these do the job. Whenever I see these I think of Gigi's house and how they covered her sidewalk around the side of her house. I remember pulling easter eggs out of them every year and watching her pull at them to get them off her sidewalk.

And the Iris. This is my favorite picture that I've taken with my camera so far. Again the iris comes from Gigi's. And of the flowers I got from her house this one reminds me most of her. The iris is strong, it's stands in the heat and withstands the winds. It's a beautiful deep purple and every year I have more. Just like my Grandma strong, beautiful (and purple is her favorite color), and every year she has more love to give. My Grandma doesn't have a lot of material things to give but when it comes to love it's never ending!! She never forgets a birthday and that goes for kids, grandkids, great grandkids, son inlaws, grandson inlaws, and granddaughter inlaws. She gives and gives whether it be her famous Captain Crunch cookies, chicken strips, laughs, her bed, flowers, hugs or love we can always count on Gigi!!

I haven't been to Aunt Rita's house in quite sometime :( but I know if she gave me a flower it would represent just as much love and happiness as these do. And my own my mother....really what can I say. She's given me anything good I have in me (and maybe a little bossiness, hehehe). She gives me unconditional love, support, strength, the truth, and a wonderful Nana for my kids.

So do you think I come from an awesome family???


We laugh, we love, we cry, we eat, we even pee our pants together.


UPDATE: Just a few minutes after I posted this I found out that the peonies from Gigi's were actually transplanted from Aunt Rita's!!!! So now I do have a piece of each of them right in my backyard!!!


Leslie said...

The flowers are beautiful!

Dia said...

WE have a whole bunch of wild violets in our yard that you are MORE than welcome to!!

The Kinoti's said...

Beautiful post & terrific idea!