Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Riley Ann!!!

My baby bug is growing so fast!! I CANNOT believe she is just sounds crazy!! Riley decided last year she wanted a swim party but never got one cause she broke her arm so again we are aiming for a swim party. And since Colt's birthday is the 1st part of July we are going to do a double party mid June. What a fabulous idea Lacy!! ;) So for her "real birthday" as she calls it PopPop and Nana took her out for breakfast before taking her to school, after school she chose to eat at Pizza Hut?? Yes that's right Pizza Hut over Mcdonald's!! YEESSS!!! Blayre even got to come with us!! Hoorah!! That's a party all in itself!!

Riley and Blayre...ready to party!!Colt....ready to be a brat.

Oh that Dad he is just soooo funny. She is such a Daddy's girl!!!!

When we got home she blew out candles on a cupcake and we did sing Happy Birthday to her. Then she ate the icing and left the cake??!! The next day she picked out cupcakes to take to school and got to be the helper and leader all day. That's pretty important stuff!!

Well Ri another year down and you still feel my heart everyday!! You are still loving to dance and sing. You started soing flips on the monkey bars and trying to do flips on the trampoline. You love and hate your brother daily. You love to wear "pretty" clothes and refuse to wear sweatpants (this one still baffels me??) You are finishing up your first year of school and have made a lot of friends, you get birthday invites every week. You tried soccer this fall and hated it at first but grew to really like it and are ready to play next year. I asked you just last night if you wanted to go to basketball camp and you freaked out (I hope this changes soon)!! You love to do homework and your teacher Mrs. Hawley says you are a good student (I hope you keep that up). You make us laugh everyday with your funny songs and silly faces. We love you so much Riley Bug!! Happy 5th Birthday!!!

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Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Riley! How cute and grown up she looks. Love the sweet pics with her Daddy.