Monday, April 18, 2011


So if you don't live here I'm sure you have already heard about the HORRIBLE wind we had on Friday. It was the strangest thing!!! It was like a hurricane without the rain!! People lost roofs, windows, carports, not really we couldn't get that lucky!! Here a few pics of what was going on that day. Trees were down all over town!! That is not a temporary sign that is blown's a permenant HWY sign on 9th and Oklahoma.
Carport at the apartments across from Experiment Lake.
More trees. Trees were actually uprooted from the ground, it was really insane!!
We survived but our newly built fence didn't weather too well, it will need some repair. The ducks survived...yes I left them out during the rainless hurricane. I have to make them tough, they will be released into the wild this Saturday!! HOORAH!!! The rest of the weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope you had a great one!!

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