Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My new gig....

So most of you know I started a new job just about a month ago. It's going wonderfully!! I love it! It's so laid back, all the guys are super nice, I'm getting more and more stuff to do, I have my own office, it's so nice and new everything is just FABULOUS!!! The only thing I miss is having someone to talk to about...oh...Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, American Idol, you know things like that.

Being the picture takin fool that I am here's a few shots. Unfortunately I don't think Bobby Alexander, Jeff Owen, or Carl Scott would be too pumped about me taking their pictures, Bryce Marlatt maybe, (I mean what politician doesn't want their picture taken!!) but he's never here!! Just kidding Bryce!

Anyway here it is......POWER RIG, LLC!!! Power Rig is my actual employer but they recently opened another company MID-CONTINENT CONDUCTOR, LLC so I'm also working for them. What does Power Rig do you ask.....they are a drilling company. They own 3 rigs and a 4th is being built now. Mid-Continent Conductor is a rat hole company......ummmm what they do is alittle tougher to explain but here is what I think they do....they drill the pre-hole for the big rigs?? If that's right or not I'm not sure but chances are the ladies that read this blog won't know either. HEHEHEHE!! The front of the office. That's my window on the right!!
What you see when you first walk in. Nice, right??!!
The second thing you see when you walk in.....

Good afternoon, welcome to Power Rig. How may I help you?

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The Kinoti's said...

Terrific Lacy! Nice too like you said. I love how all oilfield offices have some sort of animal parts on their walls-heads, antlers whatever lol! Best wishes.