Friday, April 1, 2011

Picture Surfing

Just surfing my 100s of pictures this afternoon trying to decide what I'm going to post I'm going to post a little bit of everything.

Here is my attempt at artistic photography. HA!!The kids got these scooters for Christmas. Riley finally figured how to make it go without using her feet and it's perfect for Colt to use his feet. They love them!! They chase eachother around the driveway forever!!Colt chases Riley, and then.......Riley cries when her LITTLE brother catches her!!!

Even Dad gets in on the action.Saturday morning Candy Land game.Nana and Ri on her last visit to see us.Colt giving me the thumbs up to run through the sprinkler.


About me said...

Good pictures Lacy!

Whitney said...

I love the artistry in your pics! Good job!!

The Kinoti's said...

Love the mobile view!

Shannon said...

Great pics! Love this!