Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Wow it's amazing how the older you get the less important birthdays are to you. But when you have an awesome husband and amazing kids celebrating with them is not too bad!! I really did have a great birthday. The girls at work fixed me lunch and when I got home Gregg and Ri had made me a cake!! While I was getting her ready to head off to the babysitter's she wanted to know how many candles to put on the cake, I had to explain that if she put that many on there we would all be in trouble!! Gregg must of talked her into just the numbers, thank goodness! I got some really great gifts and let me just say that my husband knows me better than I realize. This year for my birthday I got new running shoes and money for a new Ipod!!! Oh yeah, it's like new jewelry!!! The girls at work sent me some beautiful flowers, don't know why but receiving flowers at work will ALWAYS brighten your day!!! My parents and inlaws and Gigi sent money and think I'll use it for an extra super Ipod, I got a stepping stone for my yard but it's sooo pretty I don't want to put it out there!!! Thanks to everyone that called and wished my Happy Day. Another year down!!!!

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Samantha said...

Lacy, you are such a pretty girl AND wonderful person. You deserve nothing but the best!! Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!