Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yes I've been slacking on my blog duties lately, but it's not cause I don't have anything to blog about. Actually the opposite is true. We've had SOOOO MUCH going on that I just can't keep them all blogged about. The zoo, broken arm, dr. appointments, vacations, mud bud, vacation bible school, memorial day; I mean seriously could we have more going on??? Yes I'm sure we could. Anyway just going to throw a few of my favs from each of the occasions to get you caught up!!

Memorial Weekend!! Love it at Pop Pop and Nana's 24/7 swimming!!

Until you fall of the monkey bars :(
Softball College World Series and Zoo weekend.

Colt's smile for the camera face :)

Love our cousins!!!
Riley did get to make it to most of VBS this year in between doctor appts.

Here she is at the VBS celebration with a couple of her friends.
Woodward's first Mud Bud. Didn't get to run/ride this year but next year I'll be primed and ready!!!

Mandy and Mandy!! Gold winners in their division
Gregg and I took a vacation to Branson. We had sooo much fun and if you ever need a romantic hideaway let me give you the info on the Anchor Inn on the Lake B&B!!!! Awesome place on Table Rock!!!
Well there you have our summer in a nutshell.....so far!! Still have some summer left so we hope to fill it up and I'll try to stay on the blogging a little better. Riley went back to the doctor today and everything is healing good. The bone is forming back and she'll have to keep the brace on for 2 more weeks. Hopefully our summer will start to feel normal after that with a few visits to the waterpark!!! Hope everyone is having a good one!!!

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