Monday, June 22, 2009


So first of all I would like to add my wonderful husband into the running for "World's Greatest Dad"!! Gregg is the best with our kids, they just love him. Everyday when we get home Riley tells him that she missed him and I'm pretty sure that everyday his heart melts. He loves to wrestle with Colt and he just can't wait till he's a little older and they can play catch or head to the golf course. I am so lucky to have found an awesome husband and a wonderful father. God has blessed us!!
Ok so on to our "Fun in the Sun and Water!!" This weekend we took Riley to Whitewater in OKC. She loved it, well she loved the Kiddie Kove and the Lazy River (who doesn't). She hated the Raging Rapids, Black Hole and Wave Pool.
Nana T got this new floaty for her and it is great!!! She loves it, she never even asked to take it off. THANKS NANA!!
She wore this slide out!!! It is actually a lobster and I bet she climbed up that thing 200 times.
We all got a little sunburnt, but it was worth it!!! And yes I did brave the 2 piece and was a little nervous about it..........until I saw what everyone else was wearing!!! I by far wasn't the worst looking!!! We had so much fun. Word to the wise though, go after 3 pm (a lot of people cleared out early) and if you can go on a weekday do.
We went out to eat with Nana, Gigi and the Lairds after Whitewater and my wonderful husband just loves to tell them that it's your birthday. So I had to sit on the saddle and have them announce my big day. I thought Riley was going to cry out of embarrassment. (I'm sure that won't be the last time!!) Thanks Gregg!!!

Are you ladies jealous yet??!!! Sorry Whit, LB's got nothin on my man!! :) hahaha!

Since Colt didn't get in on this post let me just add this precious picture of my little fella!! Got to love this little guy!!!
Finally these pictures are a shout out to Paw Paw TB!! Looks like we might have some tracksters in the making. Here they are practicing from the blocks.
On your mark.....Get set........GO!!!!!

Have a good week everyone!!!


The Kinoti's said...

It's just not summer without White water! Happy B-day.

Sam said...

love all the pics....and you look hot in your bikini...and you look hot on that saddle....and my kids LOVED looking at the white water pics....and i had to play that 5 second video about 12 it! hope you had a terrific birthday!

Whitney said...

OH are right! Gregg is WAY hotter than my hubby!! hee hee! Looks like you had a great time...wish we could get together this's going so quick!!