Thursday, June 18, 2009


To go along with the parties this weekend we also spend the day in Enid for my Grandpa Settle's 80th Birthday. Grandpa looked great and seemed to be in good spirits. It was so great to see everyone and we had an always fun time with a family gathering.

Of course it wouldn't be a party with a water fight!!! Thanks Dad or Mom I'm not sure which one of you to blame.
Kaleb loved his super soaker....until of course you soaked him with. He's soooo like his Dad!!!! Shea was the same way when he was younger!!!
Riley even got into the shooting, except that she liked to shoot the water into her own mouth then spit the water on you!!! NICE!!
Holding true to tradition someone got hurt and there was blood. This year the injury belonged to ....................Uncle Larry!!! Yes that's right he hit HIMSELF in the head with a plastic bucket!!! hahahaha!! Does it get any funnier??!!!
Oh wait yes it does.....when he has to wear a bandaid on it cause it won't stop bleeding!! hahahahah!!!! OH I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!


Sam said...

i love it!!! so jealous that ya'll can all get together and have so much fun! and the decorations looked great!

Mrs. Heidi Tucker said...

Ha ha! That's awesome!

The Kinoti's said...

Thanks for the pics of Uncle Carl. Glad to see him looking so good. Looks like yall had a blast.