Monday, June 8, 2009

Better late than never!!

Gregg and I went on a little romantic getaway :) (you know we are soooo romantic)!! We went down to Eureka Springs for a friends wedding and really had a great time. We booked our room online so that is always a little nerve wrecking waiting to see just what you have gotten yourself into, but our "Treehouse" turned out to be AMAZING!!! I recommend it to anyone and really I recommend Eureka Springs to anyone (as long as you don't take your kids, not much going on for them, at least that I saw).

Were we stayed. Oak Crest Cottages!!

We are soooo VIP

Our Treehouse "The Winery Chateu"
What we saw when we walked in. Yes that is a tree. They were soooo nice and quite and roomy. Just loved them!!!

Hot tub right there for the using.....and we did!!!

Our very own private balcony.

The view.

It was Blues Festival in Eureka so there were bands playing on every corner.

Enjoying a beverage....

and the sites.

A "Rock Garden" Can you believe this was a headliner on a brochure for the Blue Springs???? I mean come on.....really???? I'm thinking about putting one in our backyard, I bet I can keep it alive!!!!

We went to the Passion Play. AWESOME!!!

The statue was amazing.

Taken while we were waiting for the play to start. Breath taking!!

We took a train ride. ....

For those of you whose Grandparents didn't live 100 yards from the train track....a new memory was made.....smashing coins on the train track. I on the other hand have done this 100 times!! Here they made us wet the back and space them just perfectly....well let me tell you folks none of this is necessary....just throw them up there and let the train do the work.

The results.

We had Sunday brunch at the ever soooo haunted "Crescent Hotel". Beautiful place!!! I would love to stay here sometime or at any of the old homes converted to bed and breakfasts on Spring St. The only thing we saw appear and then quickly disappear here in the Crystal Dining Room was our money.......60 bucks for the two of us to have brunch. YES THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE!!! 60$!!!! It was nuts!!! Oh well we are on vacation.

You can see the Christ of the Ozarks in the background. Truly a beautiful place.
Eureka is a lovely place if you ever get the chance to Be sure to wear your walking shoes, stay in a tree house, get tickets to the Passion Play and eat at Ermillo's (NOT 60$ FOR 2 DINNERS). You won't regret your trip!!!


Sam said...

nice! love all the pics!!

The Garvie Family said...

It sounds like a great trip! The pictures are beautiful.