Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yes I'm blogging AGAIN!!!

Hard to believe but for 2 days in a row the weather in Woodward was windless!!!! I decided to take Riley out to Boiling Springs, we hardly ever go out there seeing as how close we live to Crystal Beach but it was sooo nice and Gregg is in Chichasha with the baseball team so we didn't have anything to get home to so I decided to go on out for awhile. It has everything Riley loves.... water and dirt!!! And for those of you that have never seen her smile in a picture, which is a lot of you, I finally got a few smiles!!!
She probably would have climbed on this rock all day if I would have let her. She loves chairs or anything she can sit on.

She loves the dirt and she loves to throw it!! No Mother I didn't spank her for it, almost when she tried to throw it at me.

Finally a smile!!!!
Throwing dirt in the water.
She wanted in soooo bad.
So I let her, yes in that dirty water. She was a mess by the time we got home.


Leslie said...

Hey Lacy, your little girl is just so cute. Good to see you happy and doing well. =o)

Becky said...

Lacy, since I look at your blog everyday, you can't post too often for me. I love it when kids like to get dirty and even throw a little dirt at their moms :D Riley has to practice so she can teach Colt a trick or two!

The Garvie Family said...

I'm with can't post too often for me either. I love that smile!!!

Katie said...

Cute pics! Riley is a DOLL! I love when people blog a lot. By the way you can make your blog into a journal type book through So be sure to capture all your memories. OH and I am so excited for Lori can't wait to see pics!

Mandy said...

I am really impressed with your amount of blogging!! I can't even seem to find time to look and comment much less post something of my own. The boys and I will have to join you guys some time. They love being outside.