Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Family Vaction!

My Little Snow Bunny!!

Well we had our first family ski trip to Angel Fire. Had a few bumps in the road (literally) but all in all we had a great time. Riley and I didn't do any skiing but we did take her sledding and she ended up having a good time doing that. She loved the snow that's all she would talk about, she hated her gloves and boots. We started the trip pretty good got out of Woodward pretty early and headed to Guymon, that's where we had our first bump. I didn't bring an OK map so I was winging it well I winged us right passed our turn and to Goodwell we headed. We didn't realize we were headed the wrong way till we got to Texahoma and finally we stopped to get a map, I saw that if we take HWY 95 we will hit 412 which is where we should be. So off we went, bump #2. We saw the sign but decided we could make it across which we did all the while listening to Gregg and how the Sheriff was going to be on the other side waiting, he of course was not and we made it to HWY412. We did finally make it to Angel Fire and everything was great once we found our "Chalet" and some good food.

Riley saying "cheeese"

Her first look at ski boots. I think she really wanted to put them on.
The only boots she does like

Well we made it to Angel Fire and had a great time. Gregg and Pepper skied on Saturday and Riley and I hung out. Sunday Gregg and I took Riley sledding she wasn't sure what to think at first but she really liked it, laughed all the way down, once she got the hang of it. Later that day Gregg kept Riley and Pepper and I headed to Red River to do some shopping. We had a really great time there. Next time Red River is where I want to go!!! Monday we headed home and took only 1 maybe 2 wrong turns but we made it!!! It was a great time. I can't wait to go back and actually get to do some skiing myself. I'm sooooo glad that Gregg decided to go and that we took Riley. It was a lot of fun. I hope the fam didn't cramp Pepper's style too much. Thanks so much to Pepper for letting us all go on her vaction. She's a great friend and if anyone knows of any single hot males...... she would be perfect!!!!!

Pepper and Ri enjoying some cheesecake.
We had a slight addiction to cheesecake while we were there.
We had a slice everwhere we could get one.

Riley and Daddy in control.

Riley and Mommy out of control!!!

See guys...what a hottie she is. Even with a ski burn!!


Leia said...

Looks like you guys had a good time!! Pepper looks liek she is enjoying the cheesecake a little more then Riley is. Why must your daughter never smile!?!

The Garvie Family said...

How fun!! Too bad you couldn't ski but it looks like you were enjoying yourself while sledding. Note to self....when traveling to far away places - ALWAYS bring a map!!!

Mandy said...

I really used to have more faith in your directionality. Let's just blame it on the pregnancy!! Looks like you all had a really good time!

MiMI said...

This is the best blogspot I have ever visited!! Wonder why?? This pics are the loves of my life, too!! Colt will be joining the perfect family!!! Wonder where you would have ended up had Gregg been navigating?? MiMi