Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We got snow.......LOTS of snow!!!

Yep the Blizzard of 2013 hit and man did it hit.  I have not seen this much snow in Oklahoma in my lifetime and might I add that I LOVED IT!!!  I'm definitely NOT one of those people that are scared to drive in the snow....I say bring it on!!!  Drive slow, be cautious, and USE YOUR LOW GEARS!  Plus it probably doesn't hurt that my Dad use to MAKE me get out in the ice and snow when I was 16-18 and just drive around with him so I would know what to do and not be afraid.  Any are our snow pictures.
We got our first round of snow on Thursday, a good foot or so.  The kids GOT snow days.....yes Woodward schools canceled!!! 
 I know it's amazing!!! 
 I had a friend (Krystal Fuqua) say that her son got more snow days in this one week than she got her entire Woodward Public School career.  And I'm pretty sure she went all 13 years here!! I remember once during an ice storm a couple of guys who will remain unnamed, for their own protection, stayed up all night prank calling our superintendent (yes this was before caller id folks) in hopes that if they kept him up all night he would call off school.  hehe!! 
 Didn't work, we had school! are our snow pictures....didn't I say that already???
We of course did not have any sleds and of course could not find a sled in this town to buy so we had to compromise.  Yes tote first they were not too good.
 Then we tried cardboard......after we got the snow good and packed down they were both winners!! 
 I just love this picture of Colt!!

 Riley's snow pants worked as a pretty good sled too!
Even Gregg and I got into some of the fun!  Pretty sure I hadn't been sledding since the last snow day I had.....1995, with a wild group friends and a small silver pick up!!
Come Monday we got even more was beautiful!!!!

The kids found a secret place underneath some trees that they played in all day.  The trees that line our driveway where so heavy that they had bowed all the way to the ground and left them a nice little tunnel to crawl through....aka "secret place".

 Riley is on a big time gymnastics kick right now and loved practicing her flips in the snow!!  I don't think we will be seeing her in the Olympics anytime soon! 

 One of my favorite things was laughing at the kids trying to walk through the snow!!  It was soooo deep they would take a few steps and wipe out.  LOVED IT!!


Welp there you have it The Blizzard of 2013!!

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