Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time to get it together!!!

From this day forward I vow to update!!!  Here is a EXTREMELY brief update.....with TONS of stuff left out!!

 This summer we took our very first "family vacation" to Branson.  We had tons of fun and I really look forward to more family fun!

We had a pretty good soccer season!!  Colt cried and Riley is getting really pretty darn good!!

Gregg and I went to an OSU football game!  GOOOO POKES!!
Dad and Mom took the daughters and all the kids to Branson this fall. 

 A weekend trip to OKC was fun
Who can leave out Halloween
I bummed some tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra and we made a date of 4 generations.

 Colt shot is first gun......BB gun that is.
And we had a girls' night out.

 Took the train to Fort Worth with our friends.
                                                                                                                     Homecoming 2013
Built a snowman with the first snow of 2013

Showed some love on Valentines Day
And today we have a snow day.
Ok so there is your quick update.......
I know I left out that we bought a new house, added another member to the Settle fam with Nashey Poo, had Easter, Christmas, 4th of July and a few birthdays.  I promise to do soooo much better this year starting TODAY!!!
I'm BAAAACKKKK blog world!!!!!


Ashley said...

Woot woot!!! Love to read about the Moores!!!!

Katie said...

YAY! You have inspired me. I now will go update my blog. :)