Monday, January 9, 2012

A Christmas Story.....Part 3

Our third and final Christmas celebration happened on New Years. Dad wanted an ugly sweater contest so we all came prepared....Here we all are showing off our ugliest. Let the opening frenzy begin!!! It's like a mad house...paper flying, kids screaming, nana handing out more and more, parents trying to pick up paper....madness!! I guess when you're young you don't think of it like that cause there were 8 cousins when we were all young and it seemed so cool and calm then. :)
Who wouldn't love these two???Dylann just slept through the entire thing.....oh to be a baby again!!Riley definitely got her baby Dilly time in. She was LOVIN her some Dylann and wanted to hold her and wanted to feed her and she needs her binky and someone get her some covers and mom she probably needs her diaper changed.....thank goodness we will be having none of that at our house!!!4 Generations of Allen women....priceless!!Nana and one of her girls.
Nana and the ORNERY boys!!

And then there was punch and things just got nuts.Champagne cups were clinking and held high....People were takin their shirts off....Wahoo was played.....Red mustaches were grown....Wahoo was won.....OH YEAH...Champs 2011!!And then they crashed!!! What goes up must come down! We had an amazing Holiday season!!

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