Friday, January 6, 2012

A Christmas Story....Part 2

After opening our presents from Santa we cleaned up and headed to Pampa for Christmas with the Moores.

We started the fun off with an annual story from Mimi.

Listening.....sort ofTrying to avoid the camera.Addison played Santa and passed out all the gifts. The girls got American Girl Dolls that look like them.And Colt got new boots!!! If you're wondering about the Spiderman costume. He got a box of super hero costumes Christmas morning and wouldn't wear anything else!!!This is Debbie having a minor melt down when we thought Gregg's new Ipod got thrown in the fire.....we did eventually find it. Just a small Griswold moment.Stephanie wearing a stocking cap I knitted for her. Mimi with the grands. After MANY attempts of Mimi trying to get Riley to have "coffee talk" with her she found her a "coffee talk" companion. Can you tell by his face that he's already had 2 cups??!!! No naps for him that day!!We even got snow Christmas day in Pampa!! Can't remember the last time I had a White Christmas??!!Mimi cooked it up for us and my waist line is feelin the pain now!!! UGHHHHHThe girls of course made gingerbread houses. Colt wanted NOTHING to do with them.

We had a great time in Pampa.....spoiled, stuffed and sent home!!!

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