Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothing in Particular

Before I got my new camera I took A LOT of pictures.....well honey you ain't seen nothin yet!!! Just ask my family....no Leia you can't comment on that!!! I still really have NO knack for photography but I sure try!!! And maybe if I could figure out photoshop my pictures would look A LOT better. So here ya go just a bunch of pictures, no cute stories, no theme...just pictures. I know Colt....EWWWWWW.....your nose EWWWW, your face EWWWW, those teeth EWWWW

The girl can strike a pose....even in those heels!!

I've decided that pictures look sooo much better outside when I don't have to use my flash. Unfortunately I live in the darkest house in America and ALWAYS have to use my when inside....which SUCKS!!!Ummmm....everyone in the house is enjoying Just Dance, yes that's right even Gregg!!! Please ignore the mess of my "DARK" house, I'm just too busy taking pictures to clean!!!

They've discovered a new play place...Riley's toy box. They really love it until they have to pick up all the toys that came out of the box!!!

Doin some homework. Look at the concentration in those tiny hands

Well I hope you enjoyed this post of nothing in particular......I loved sharing it with you!!!


Leslie said...

Love the in heels pose, cracking me up.

Sam said...

Yay for new cameras!! What kind did you get?