Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Eve!!

Easter just wasn't the best for me this year. With surgery on Wednesday and Easter that weekend I just wasn't feelin it, but my leg and foot sure were!! The kids had a good time and that's always what's most important. They got to spend the night at the Grandparents' house and play with cousins so who really cares about Mom's suffering??!! The weekend was so perfect weather wise. Finally an Easter when you didn't have to wear a coat and cover up your pretty new Easter clothes!!
Anyway back to Easter Eve. Pretty much just played outside and enjoyed the sun.
Not sure if he thought it was a chair or if he wanted to go inside and play.
More funny faces!!

Later that afternoon Debbie had plans for some arts and crafts. The girls colored, panted, and glued cut out easter eggs. Colt tried some arts and crafts but he really wasn't that into it. He would rather dump out the water and splash in the mess!!

They all worked very hard. Finished product........

Easter Day to follow!!!

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Becky said...

Love the craft pictures, you are never too young to start crafting. :) Hope you knee is going great, but milk it for all you can.