Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day just a little late

"This is how I roll."
A lot of food.....a little clean up.
Dad laying down the law......HA! Can't you see they are all listening so intently!!
Pop Pop's form of exercise. Yes that is a hover round scooter!!!
Got to start them young.
We even got to swim. Mom and Dad had the pool heated to 87 degrees it was soooo nice!!!

Family can just wear you out!!!

Saving the best for last.
Dad got this great idea to take Riley and Cash fishing with him and Uncle Larry Saturday morning. Well they got to the fishing hole and Cash and Riley decided they would rather stay in the truck after oh maybe 2 hours of fishing and 2 hours of these 2 alone in the truck. Dad comes back to find grafitti on the dash and console, the pick up turned on, Cash in the driver's seat with camo hat and sunglasses on and Riley making a few phone calls on the cell. Riley's explanation to what all had happened....."It was an accicdent Pop Pop." On the way home Dad gets a call from his foreman stating that he better be nice to those grandbabies, Dad asks how did you know I was with my grandkids?? "They've called me 3 times!!!"
Anyway I'm sure it will be sometime before PopPop takes the grandkids fishing again!!!

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