Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Dance!!!

This post is really for the Grandparents. Riley started dance class yesterday. Ballet went great she loved it!!! Was laughing doing all the dance moves, she was great!!! Then tap started....I thought she was really going to love it cause she loves to wear her tap shoes at home.....well I was wrong!!! All that tapping was just too much for her little ears. She was finished with dance at that point.


Leia said...

She got some skills :)

Oh, and I can't imagine that tape shoes would be loud....I was thinking TAP shoes would be though :)

Sam said...

ok, so i LOVED the "in & out" with her belly...she really got into that one!!! and she touches her toes like i do--really bends at the knees! she's too cute, i tell ya!!

Becky said...

When Sam was her age, he couldn't stand loud noises either - they must be your "sensitive" children. However will she handle her mom yelling at her during t-ball?