Thursday, July 9, 2009

FINALLY......... the WATERPARK!!!

Yes that's right we were among the many that ventured out on Saturday for the grand opening of Woodward's very own WATERPARK!!!
The crowds were not bad at all and once Riley got over her fear (imagine that, I think Nana had to buy her a hotdog and coke to help get her over her fear) we had a great time. Cash loved it (of course) he left us in the dust, Colt loved it..I couldn't keep him from crawling in over his head, Riley.....well she liked it about half an hour in.
I promised Sam some pictures but I'm not sure what happened, probably too busy threating Riley and chasing Colt. I did however get a picture of the dumping bucket and you can see just alittle of the big slides in the background. Most of the pictures are in the kiddie pool which has a fountain, a squirt toy and a mini slide.
Riley, Colt, and Cash going down together.

Riley preparing to squirt someone. No the water isn't dirty....they have a yellow canopy over the kiddie pool and it makes the water look brown, I guess they weren't really thinking about that when they put of the yellow canopy oh and how stinking cold that water would be with no sun hitting it BRRRRR!
Leia and Cash enjoying the slide. I couldn't get Riley to go down but I did take Colt one time. He loved it.
Cash and his Poppy.
Colt also loved the water that came out of the ground, he kept trying to catch it.
Riley and Ben Cheap

We really enjoyed the waterpark, can't wait to go back.
And I had to throw this one in of Sue and Leia.


Leslie said...

I would never ever recgonize crystal beach, I can't believe they changed it so much.

Looks like a good time for the kids now though.

Becky said...

I KNEW Sue would not be in the water! I, too, enjoyed the water park when we went. Pretty good deal for Woodward, huh?

Sam said...

thanks so much for the pics, lacy!! i love them, and that water park is ideal for little ones! ya'll are lucky---we have nothing like that here. the kids would love it!!