Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Like everyone we have been taking in this amazing weather. Here are some fun pics from outside.
Honestly is he not the cutest thing!!!
Ok so it was probably 80 degrees and she INSISTED on having her coat on. I don't know why!!??
Here we are trying to feed the fish, but it was still too cold for them to come up.
Crystal Beach was a little crowded so we headed over to Horace Mann and had a lot of fun.
The park just really poops Colt out.
Paw Paw came down for a visit.
Here is a little update on my "Bubba Boy" He is growing so fast and I feel like I'm always posting about Riley so here is what is going on with my boy!!
Kamyrn Garvie if you were wondering where your teeth were going.....I think Colt is getting them all. 4 on top and 2 on bottom and with these new teeth he wants nothing to do with baby food!!! Forget about giving him anything soft he wants to chew it up!!

Crawling is in our near....very near future!!!

Really could he be any cuter!!!! And yes he really does smile this much.

First Cheetoe!!

He does have more clothes than just this one shirt, the pictures were taken in the same night.


Leia said...

He's pretty darn cute!

Sam said...

love all the pics! he really is cute, and at such a cute riley's sunglasses!

The Garvie Family said...

He is very cute. The older he gets the more I think he looks like Lori. I can't believe he has all those teeth!!

Katie said...

He is getting big! What a CUTIE!

Mandy told me that Colt liked to get up and eat a lot when he was a newborn and then turned into the best sleeper. So I am HOPING that Brock will do the same!