Monday, March 23, 2009

Addison Anne!!

Well this actually happened last week, but I've been a little busy so I'm just getting to it. Last weekend we headed up to Amarillo for Addison's birthday and her Baptism. I guess you could say 2 BIRTHDAYS!!! The girls had such a good time, they played soooo hard and Colt had a good time watching. Del, Stephanie, Gregg and I even got a date night........BONUS!! :) (Ha! Mandy G., Mandy C., and Tara, good times!!!) Anyway we were so proud of Addison!!!
Addison had a fondue party. The girls thought that was pretty cool and as an arts and craft project, Stephanie had them make friendship beads. I know you all remember these and I know you all had tons on your shoe strings. The girls thought that was pretty cool too. I even made one for Ri for her shoes, she loves it. I'll have to take a picture and blog it.
Two peas in a pod!!!
Addison and another one of her friends got in trouble for fighting so Steph made them hug for 2 minutes. It was pretty funny.
Of course here is one of Colt and Mimi.

I kind of started the video late. I didn't know how fast it was going to go and I wanted to get the dunk. We are so proud of Addison and her decision to become so close to God.

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Debbie said...

That was such a sweet video of Addison. It reminded me of going to Dumas to watch Alyssa's baptism. I think she was about Addison's age. Now she is almost 13....URRRR.