Monday, October 6, 2008

I caught the bug again!!
Don't worry it's just the remodeling bug. This weekend Mom and Dad came for a visit so I put Dad right to work. I'm not real sure if there is a better Dad out there, ours is pretty hard to beat!!! They got here right at about 5:00 on Thursday and we got right to work.
Look back at my previous post to see the before.
Demo what a fun thing!!!

Yes I helped.

Even Gregg helped....although I don't really think he wanted to.

Demo complete on Thursday evening. Dad is a fast worker, messy, but fast!!
By Friday 5:00 Dad pretty much had it finished up. We just had to plaster and add ,yes that's right I'm probably the only person in the world to use the words "Add popcorn ceiling". That will be a hole new project someday!! Just a quick money saver for any of you out there needing to add popcorn to the ceiling....DON'T DO IT!!! We used 7 or 8 cans at 13 bucks a pop just to fill the little portion of our ceiling.
Me adding the plaster.

And the end results!!!
It's so nice it really seems to open up the kitchen. Thank you so much DAD for all your hardwork!!! I love you very much!! And Mom thanks for running with the kids while we worked!!! You both are the best!! Love you.


Leia said...

Looks Great!!! A whole new kitchen!! What would we do without dad!?!

The Garvie Family said...

Looks wonderful!! It's making me want to go tear something up and in my house. You guys are so lucky to have such a great dad!

Becky said...

You Settle women always have the redecorating bug and it always turns out so great. And you also get done in record time, I think that's our problem, we start and don't finish for months, not fun!