Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun with the Fam!!

This weekend Lana and Alyssa were at Aunt Debbie's, so you know we never miss a chance to get together, off to Kingfisher we went. We had such a nice day. They had planned an entire day of fun for the kids. First it was lunch then a hay ride, then carmeled apples, then pumpkins, then another hay ride, with all the playing they could stand in between. I of course walked out of the house and left my camera right on the counter. Luckily Trisha and Uncle Ken forwarded the pictures they took so I could blog about it. Gregg stayed home with Colt because he's had a bit of a cold that's why you won't see him.

Funny story about the hay ride. We rode through the neighborhood and when a car would come up behind us everyone would wave, well almost everyone would wave back. There of course had to be one car that didn't and we all were saying "Well I can't believe they are not waving. " "Why aren't they waving?" When from the front of the trailer Kaleb who is 4 says very nonchalantly "Well it's probably because they think we are all a bunch of retards." hahaha! It was pretty funny!

The newest member of our family, little Boston.

Time for decorating pumpkins.

One more funny story to leave you with. My cousin Jena who I believe is in the 2nd grade this year started Catholic school this year, it's the same school that Lara (her Mom) teaches at. They have to attend religion class and Jena fell asleep during class one day. Well being the good student that she is she went up to the teacher and told her "I'm sorry Ms. (I'm not sure what her name is) but I fell asleep in class today." The teacher said "Well Jena maybe you should pray to God for forgiveness for falling asleep during religion class." Jena's response was....wait for this it's great............."I don't need forgivness....I needed a NAP."

OH kids got to love them!!!!!
I love this picture.
Kaleb, Gracie, and Abby.
Have a great Halloween week. Can't wait to see all the blogs next week.


Becky said...

I just love all the fall activities! Jenna is hilarious and she's right, I'm sure God understands about being tired :)

The Garvie Family said...

Oh what a fun time!! Seeing Alyssa in those pictures makes me feel so old!! I can remember when she couldn't even walk. Man I'm gettin old.

Hilary said...

It looks like you all had a great time. I love all the fun fall traditions. Your pictures on your last post are great! The pumpkin pic is toooo funny.